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Emily M. Hedrick Bio

Emily M. Hedrick was born and raised in the small town of Cumberland in the mountains of Maryland. Growing up, she stayed busy with activities, a variety of interests, and lots of friends, but she didn’t like the comfortability of “staying home.” She yearned for a new adventure, in a new place, on her own.… Read more »

joyce gillie gossom, EdD Bio

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. joyce gillie gossom has spent her life going against the grain.  At the age of 16, she felt so connected to the poetry and style of e.e. cummings that her mother let joyce legally change her name to all lowercase letters, which is frequently met with resistance. joyce’s more than… Read more »

Thom Gossom, Jr. Bio

Thomas (Thom) Gossom, Jr. is a renaissance man in love with life. “I make the most of every day.” Gossom is an actor, writer, speaker, and communications consultant. He received his Bachelor of Arts in communication from Auburn University in 1975. A starting wide receiver for the Tigers, from 1972-1974, Gossom was the first black… Read more »