As a child, I loved Valentine’s Day. I loved making however many cards for my entire (whichever grade) class. I loved my pink or red Valentine’s Day shirt from Old Navy and heart-shaped earrings and put them on proudly to wear to school on February 14. The whole day was fun- getting all the cards and candy from classmates, getting a treat and extra love from family…as a kid…one of the best holidays.

I’m older now, and Valentine’s Day is much different. It’s all about flowers, dinner, a movie, chocolate, and posting all of it on social media. But down to the core, it’s really about one

It’s the ONE day a year we all, in one way or another, celebrate love. We enjoy the company of our significant other, family, friends...or we celebrate self-love alone. However you choose to celebrate doesn't matter, but to me, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to let the ones you care for know you love them.

Take time to reflect on love- what love has done for you and what love inspires you to do. Thank the ones who helped you get to where you are, thank the ones that continue to support you. With so much negativity going on, give your love and support to everyone…no matter what day it is.

Be unafraid to step out of your comfort zone and step into someone else’s shoes...if only just for a moment. Be more friendly and understanding, give compliments and hugs. Even though Valentine’s Day is already here and gone, carry the message of love with you for the rest of the year. We all just want to be loved and appreciated, so share your positivity to those around you. What you give out, you will get back.

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