Position Description

“Coordinating with clients, managing schedules, planning projects, and keeping everyone informed and prepared.”
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Effectively initiate, facilitate, and complete internal and external management related to Best Gurl and Client projects and activities. Manage projects, document preparation, schedules, travel, and client interactions on behalf of Best Gurl to create and maintain positive relationships and generate revenue.

  • ~ Work with “The Communicator” to build and execute, share and moderate website, press, newsletter, and other content strategies through competitive research, platform determination, benchmarking, targeted advertising, and audience determination that results in product sales, reflects the editorial calendar, drives traffic to the Website, reflects analytics data, and engages targeted audiences to take action.
  • ~ Manage internal and external communications and serve as Executive Assistant for Best Gurl principals, handling scheduling and calendars, travel and reservations, document preparation, and client interactions.
  • ~ Develop editorial calendar with “The Communicator” and conduct bi-annual audits to keep online content current and error-free.
  • ~ Plan, organize, develop, and coordinate special event and project service delivery.
  • ~ Develop and cultivate relationships to promote speaker and consulting services, for book and film sales, to secure book reviews from national sources and bring innovative and out-of-the-box recommendations for product, speaker, and consulting service promotion.
  • ~ Work with “The Communicator” to create and plan quarterly promotions for all products, track and report resultant sales.
  • ~ Identify and participate in local and/or national networking events to promote Best Gurl and Clients.
  • ~ Build and maintain accurate mailing list of subscribers.
  • ~ Maintain calendar with appointments and commitments for all Best Gurl staff.
  • ~ Maintain, make accessible, and update Best Gurl files, records, documents, and sales and provide monthly and annual sales reports.
  • ~ Plan and facilitate weekly team meeting.
  • ~ Conduct project-related research and document preparation.
  • ~ Located within the Fort Walton Beach, FL area.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • ~ Organization and Planning skills (logistics for projects, events, appearances, speaking)
  • ~ Capable of working independently from home
  • ~ Able to interface with clients on a personal and logistical level
  • ~ Life Long learner
  • ~ Diverse and inclusive thinker
  • ~ Private and Confidential
  • ~ Follow-up and follow-through
  • ~ Listening and Communication skills (clients, vendors, suppliers, etc.)
  • ~ Able to ask questions for clarification and expansion of knowledge
  • ~ Defined professional goals for career development

Technical Skills:

  • ~ Computer savvy (eMail Marketing, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Apple OS, PayPal, AdobeCloud software, web analytics data)
  • ~ Problem Solver
  • ~ Writing ability (letters, correspondence, reports, proposals, spreadsheets)
  • ~ Comfortable with Product Sales (filling book, shirt, and DVD orders; onsite sales)
  • ~ Established methods for ensuring follow-through on all assignments
  • ~ Focused attention to detail in all communication (internal and external)

Salary and Benefits:

Negotiable, working from home office with flexible scheduling

  • ~ Company approved expenses, including but not limited to travel, dining, and lodging
  • ~ One-week paid vacation
  • ~ 14 Paid Holiday Days: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Day after, Christmas Eve through end of December
  • ~ Paid Birthday Holiday (when on a weekday)