Shawntia (Shawn) Jones was born and raised in the sunny city of Deerfield Beach, located in Southern Florida. Growing up, she loved planting in her mothers’ garden, playing outdoors, and getting lost in the adventures of her books.

Shawn began her career in customer service as a greeter, but a couple of months later, she realized her skills were better suited in administration. Shawn has always been skilled at building and maintaining client relationships, while project management has also been part of her personal focus—especially as it relates to client outcomes.

Shawn began working as The Organizer for Best Gurl, inc. January 2021. She has supported Best Gurl by providing support in coordinating with clients, planning projects, executing logistics, managing schedules, and keeping everyone informed and prepared!

When not working, Shawn enjoys volunteering as a foster mom for abandoned and feral kittens, making soaps and other DIY projects. On weekends, you can catch her at brunch, relaxing with family, or lounging around the pool.

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