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Best Gurl provides customized assessment, strategic initiatives, leadership development, and keynote solutions for corporations, education, and non-profits that lead to improved performance.
Let’s Work Together
Best Gurl Team Members consult with Fortune 500 companies, utilities, higher education institutions, small businesses, and associations. We work with our clients to promote communication, motivation, teamwork, and leadership. Team members speak on topics such as education, inclusion and diversity, leadership, management and more, throughout the country. We also create, write, and produce programs to make a positive contribution to our clients and community.
Best Gurl provides customized leadership, access & inclusion, public relations, and organizational consulting services. We partner with business and education clients to promote organizational effectiveness, motivation, and leadership. Our customized consulting services include strategic planning, corporate communications, executive coaching, fundraising, and economic development.
Included in our portfolio are dynamic keynote speakers who create and deliver unique addresses tailored to your organization. Our published books and film inform and uplift. We produce quality, results-oriented communications messages.
The “Best Gurl” Story
Once upon a time, there was a Southern boy who never stopped dreaming, smiling, and telling stories. As a man, the boy continued dreaming, smiling and telling stories. He would awaken early every morning in anticipation of what the day held. He liked the variety of doing different things. He was an actor, a writer, a consultant, a speaker, all things he loved doing and he did them with a relish, a desire to do more. He was happy, joyful and having fun. Oh! And, he loved his wife!

Once upon a time, a young Midwestern girl lived the life of a princess. She rode horses, learned to boat, studied ballet, traveled, challenged boys, and wrote a letter to the US Secretary of Education. Being a princess was fun, but she wasn’t going to be boxed into someone else’s image of what a “girl” should be. She was too busy discovering, “What’s Next?!” She followed many roads and along the way she discovered being a business owner, an elected official, a wife and mother, a philanthropist, a speaker, and an educator.

One day, the dreamer and the princess met.

He nicknamed her “The Best Gurl” He told her, “I’m from Alabama. We pronounce it like it’s spelled with a ‘U’.” She liked the name. It stuck.

In 2004, they formed Best Gurl Entertainment. Later shortened to Best Gurl, inc.

We think it’s intriguing, interesting, and unusual. It begs the question, “What is Best Gurl?” We love to provide the answer.


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Meet Our Team

Intriguing, interesting, and unusual…The Best Gurl team!
Thomas Gossom, Jr.
Chief Check Writer
Setting the course, steering the ship and keeping everyone moving in the right direction on the next great adventure!
joyce gillie gossom, EdD
The Princess
Connecting the dots, drawing the map and seeing obscure relationships between everything that happens!
Emily M. Hedrick
The Communicator
Telling the exciting and changing story of us… and our clients through video, social media, website and projects!
Shawn Jones
The Organizer
Coordinating with clients, managing schedules, planning projects, and keeping everyone informed and prepared!