“NEVER” has finally arrived! Yay!!! Daniel Snyder the owner of the Washington NFL team vowed he would “NEVER” change the team name of the Washington franchise. “NEVER,” he promised. Ever since I heard Mr. Snyder issue his “Never’ declaration I have not let the nickname of that team cross my lips, not once.Even though my… Read more »

“The Talk”

I remember “the talk.” The talk that black fathers gave and probably still give to their sons. It was time. I was probably getting close to driver’s license age and that meant I could venture further from the nest on my own. The talk was serious. No! It wasn’t the sex talk. We had that… Read more »

Mother’s Day

Exhausted, I wheeled the bicycle into the driveway of the condo complex. It had been a grueling, mind-clearing twenty- six mile Saturday morning ride along the bike trail near the beach. The morning school of dolphins, swimming near the shore, had put on a big-time show with a feeding frenzy on a school of fleeing,… Read more »

Bobby Mitchell

Self-quarantining can make one reflective. Bobby Mitchell died. “Who,” You ask? Bobby Mitchell!   In the days of black and white television, Bobby Mitchell decked out in the uniform of the Washington NFL team and wearing number 49 on his back, captured my imagination and my heart. Bobby Mitchell was the first African American player… Read more »

Remember Henry Harris by Sam Heys

This Black History Month, I applaud Sam Heys a white man. I became familiar with Sam Heys work when I read the book Big Bets, Decisions and Leaders that shaped Southern Company, about the founding and early days of The Southern Company, owners of Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia Power.  Later, I would become familiar with… Read more »

Henry Harris and James Owens

“Our history is our history.” The statement poured from my mouth as I talked to one of my good friends, an Auburn University alumnus about Auburn University athletic integration pioneers, Henry Harris and James Owens.  “Who,” you may ask, as you were not around then, or your memory doesn’t extend back that far.  Let me… Read more »


I never intended to become a Hollywood actor. Maybe I thought about it in my youth but growing up in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960s, made Hollywood seem like a distant world. As children, my sister Donna and I performed on a variety show at Immaculata High School. We did some dance. Variety shows were… Read more »

“The Organizer”

Position Description “Coordinating with clients, managing schedules, planning projects, and keeping everyone informed and prepared.”Is this you? Send us your resume! Overview: Effectively initiate, facilitate, and complete internal and external management related to Best Gurl and Client projects and activities. Manage projects, document preparation, schedules, travel, and client interactions on behalf of Best Gurl to… Read more »