What’s in a (nick) name?

On January 21, 1952, at 7:30 pm at Holy Family Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, I entered this world. My parents christened me Thomas Gossom Jr. after my dad. While that is my given name, over the years I’ve also been given other names. Some of these were out of fun; others are a play on… Read more »

Traveling with Thom!

We’re getting ready to go on a vacation this summer. I’m ready, Thom’s ready… we both need the time away and off from the day-to-day of work and life. Thankfully, we have a fantastic Travel Agent, Tammy McDaniel, who plans and executes amazing adventures for us. Whether we need a trip to see, go, and… Read more »


I’m in love with my dad. Do I love him? Yes. But I’m talking about being in love. I like him. I like being around him. He’s funny. He makes me laugh.  He’s special. You see I didn’t grow up throwing the ball with him in the backyard. We never sat by the fireplace and… Read more »

My Fitbit

I never have a good answer about what I want for Christmas, my birthday, whatever…because I don’t really care what people get for me other than cash and gift cards (something useful…). “What kind of things could you use? Any electronics?” My dad asked. “I can’t think of any off the top of my head.… Read more »

…because, sometimes I just don’t want to!

We do things for the benefit of our families.We do things for our followers and those who support us. We do things for the benefit of our friends and loved ones.We do LOTS of things for the benefit of our children, godchildren, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. We do things for our neighbors and community. We… Read more »