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  1. Linda on

    joyce thanks for letting the rest of us peak into your place and experience such happiness and joy. I’d expect nothing less from a person with joy in her name. Love ya.

  2. Jo Soria on

    What a wonderfully exciting time for you and your grandkids! Everything a Christmas should be…Here’s wishing you many, many more days filled with love, laughter, and joy with your grandchildren. They will cherish those memories at Gram’s house.

  3. Gloria Owens on

    Joyce, as I read “Gram’s First Christmas,”’it was if I was there sharing the experience with you. I could identify with you because I too, have had that/those special Christmas’s with the grands and they are life long treasures. I hope you continue to share the blessings of being “Grams.”

  4. Thad McCormack on

    Hey Thom,

    I am with the Auburn Touchdown Club and wanted to see if you would be in town for the Black Alumni Weekend September 27-29 at Auburn. I wanted to see if you would make the trip from FWB (my hometown as I went to St Mary’s, Max Bruner Junior High and Fort Walton Beach HS before Auburn) a day earlier to speak to our club. We raise money for scholarships for Lee County students wanting to further their education at Auburn University. We meet at the AU Club at 6:00 pm on Wednesday September 25th. Please contact me if your schedule is available. Thanks and War Eagle,

    Thad McCormack

  5. James Mathis on

    Pat was a great athlete but he was more he was a great man. A true Auburn man. My condolences to his family. Pat will live forever in Auburn history!

  6. Rob Browne on

    Pat Sullivan was my childhood hero. My family gathered together thanksgiving night, 1971… The announcement for the Heisman Trophy was on live TV, from New York City… We were All bouncing off the walls waIting for the official word… John ott, of the downtown athletic club in New York, made the announcement… He was handed an envelope and I remember like it was yesterday… “ one name here… the winner is Pat Sullivan… Auburn Univerity,” we All screamed and jumped through the roof… this was big… it was real and Pat Sullivan is still my hero… he and Shug are what I though heroes looked and acted like. I still remember Pat’s acceptance speech when he accepted the actual Heisman Trophy… John Wayne was on one side and Shug Jordan on the other… Pat is everything we All wanted to be as kids and I still have my autographed #7 Jersey from 1970… It hangs in my kids room and one day it’ll hang in my grandkids room… I can’t help but think Pat Sullivan was able to watch or at least know that Auburn had won the Iron Bowl. I was lucky enough to meet Pat Sullivan in person a few times… Always humble and gracious… God Bless you Pat, your Legacy will live on forever because of the kind of Man you were. God has called home #7… Auburn will always be heaven on earth, because we believe in Auburn and love it… and because Men like Pat Sullivan called Auburn home. So take a moment today and look upward toward Heaven…and if you have faith in God above, you’ll take comfort in knowing old #7 is back together with Shug and The Sun will rise orange and the sky will always be blue… and Pat Sullivan will have the best seat in the house. God Bless and WDE

  7. Michael Goddard on

    Great story and I am so glad to call Thom Gossom my friend. Michael Goddard, Chaplain. Brookwood Princeton Hospital

  8. Joyce on

    Thanks for the memories, Thom. Ken says the meeting at Chappy’s back booth this morning was super special with celebration of a football victory and thankfulness for Pat Sullivan’s life. 🦅. Joyce

  9. Andy Steele on

    So proud of you, Thom!
    So proud for you, my teammate!
    Thanks for being a great Auburn Tiger.
    War Eagle,
    Andy Steele
    Auburn Letterman 1972, 73, 74

  10. Paul Spina on

    Beautiful tribute to great teammate and friend. Pat was the personification of an Auburn man. If he was your friend, he was your friend for life. I enjoyed that relationship personally. I will miss his smile, his grace and his love, easily shared. His parents blessed us with the same grace. We wish God’s grace on Jean and his family. War Eagle, Pat, go with God my friend.

  11. Walter McArdle on

    Great story. What a fantastic person Pat Sullivan was. And to have a great person like Tom Gossom write this makes it very special. War Eagle! Go John Carroll Cavaliers!

  12. Reta McKannan on

    I was starting school at Auburn as Henry was finishing. I was a student assistant in Sports Information. I never knew his pain or social discomfort. I wish I could tell him I am sorry.

    Reta Allen McKannan, ’77


    I needed this today. Next Sunday is my first Mother’s Day without my mom. My only sister and I ate not getting along and this is so very hard. I needed a story to refocus. Thanks so much.

  14. Earl P. Williams, Jr. on

    For most of the 20th Century and into the early 21st Century, historians had been fighting a losing battle against U.S. flag myths and legends. And with all due respect, our elementary school teachers were largely to blame for mis-educating our school children. Our teachers didn’t know better because they were mis-educated themselves. Thankfully, the tide is finally turning. Thanks for setting the record straight! Earl P. Williams, Jr., U.S. flag historian (paleovexillologist)

  15. Eric Payne on

    Thank you for posting this! Mr. Kingsley was my art teacher in 1979-1982. I went on many museum outings with him. Great memories!

  16. Bill Dillard on


    Appreciate your work and particularly this post on the Washington football team and Snyder. Here’s an idea for a new name – the DC Comics?

    We miss you and Joyce here at the AUHCC. Hopefully something closer to normal will arrive soon.


    Bill Dillard